Sunday, July 5, 2009

Missing My Childhood BFFs

When I was stil in my kindergarten days, I used to study in a chinese school where in all your classmates since nursery will STILL be your classmates till you graduate from Grade School. We "technically" grew up together. 10 months in a year we all study together, play and fight (at times) make foolish things together, trade stories of crushes, birthdays, summer vacations and even family matters. I love the thought that the school were able to give us sisters through out our younger days. The sisters I never had since I am the only girl in the family and not even had a girl cousin. As I was writing this, memories came flashing to my mind and I know in my heart, they also feel the same way... We were 4 in the group, or sometimes 5. (If I and Elaine would not fight huh)... It was after I graduate in Grade School that we had the last bonding together. We all have gone separate ways. Although, even when I was studying in High School from a different school, we still get to call each other and still talk for hours. I love it, keeping each one updated with what's happening from each of us. One of us who first left us, hehehe....Tin, went to United States when their family finally agreed on migrating...We,of course the 3 girls were really sad... next when Zabeth and her family also migrated in Canada...good thing even if we were miles apart, we still continue to write to each other.... Ev, who's also in the Philippines (same as me here =) ) would also chat at times. hhehehe only chat when we would plan to meet, nothing happens.... I just hope someday we would meet again and share stories again...stories of our beautiful lives. I love them and I love having them...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Facebook Fashion Wars Application Fan

Just recently, I have checked all my invitations for my facebook. Suddenly this application entitled "Fashion Wars" hit me. Don't know what's with this thing but I can say I've become addicted to it. I know I really love fashion and shopping...And this virtual Fashion for me is really great and makes me stay up late with my loppy poppy. I really love collecting those essentials, perks, and vehicles and investing to some properties and save money in the bank...ooops VIRTUALLY it is. hehehe How I wish this is real. Just like a young girl wishing for a real castle and a beautiful gown. This facebook application is one of my favorites this time. The reason why I keep logging in my facebook for the whole day. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The small cabinet

Have you experienced hitching an elevator by yourself and you are bound to get off on the 29th floor of the building or even higher? I often do.... Most of the time I feel silly. I catch myself in a lot of situations really funny while waiting for the 29th floor. Most of the time I stare at the number buttons. I seem to memorize those numbers when I was in gradeschool but funny how I keep reading it while inside an elevator alone. Sometimes I can even catch myself staring those numbers flashing on top of the elevator door. and waiting for the "ting" of the elevator bell. Whew.... not even ten times do I catch myself with this kind of senarios. There were moments that during the whole time I was riding an elevator, I keep staring at myself at the mirror wall of that small running cabinet. Hahahaha...then before I step off, I realized, hey, that was a long travel... haha.... At least before I set foot on our unit, I was all made up...did some retouching there, spritz on some that not so long travel inside the small cabinet.. .

Friday, May 15, 2009


Advertisers or people responsible for making advertisements or should I say "commercials" as being popularly called in the Philippines, are held liable in all the informations they are trying to project. It caught my attention when my 10 year old niece who happens to be watching TV with my 5 year old son. They happen to watch this particular commercial when the host asked a kid contestant the spelling of a specific word. The kid spelled out the name of the company which I believe they are endorsing, and suddenly the host agreed with the spelling and even acknowledged that the spelling was correct. I heard my smart niece saying "it's not the right way to spell it out.... the word starts with the letter R. It's wrong..." She even told my 5 year old son that it was wrong. Thank you to my niece that she knows what to do in such senario. To correct the mistakes because for kids, whatever they see on TV, they also follow. I felt irritated, distracted and i honestly felt negative from the people behind that certain commercial. I wish they won't air that again. What if there are other kids who doesn't have someone beside them while watching TV and no one to correct the real logic of the advertisement. So sad. ...
 To the parents, do you think it is right that you allow kids to watch tv and the thing they see on TV  are giving them a wrong impression on the true sense of the logic of their ads? THese little minds they want to develop in a negative way...Do these advertisers ever wonder how smart kids nowadays are? These are the questions keep running to my mind upon hearing how my niece reacted. I think it's not proper. I know they just want to emphasize their company. But they can express it in another way.  I have studied advertising in my college days and the one strucked me most is that "ADVERTISERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TRUTHFULNESS AND SHOULD EDUCATE THE VIEWERS." With this statement, dear people who's reading this, do you disagree with me? agree? So please please, dear advertisers, I'm speaking to you as a mother, please try to think more than twice before airing whatever you want, always consider the ages of the people who may be watching you. No one else wants to have ignorant people growing up.... We all want smart and bright people. So how can we bring out the best from them if we are not teaching them the right things.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meet our new BABY T

Meet our new BABY T - - - - Hyundai Tucson me and my hubby's first ever car.... Thanks to my mom for she pays half of it.....


May 2, 2009... was a very memorable day for me. Me and my family went to tagaytay. It was only Ate Baby who was not present this time. She went to her province for her vacation. The weather was so nice, very cold for my baby and railey. But it didn't take that long... After we went up to "The Palace in the Sky" the temperature suddenly changed. I thought I will enjoy the coldest experience for the whole week. And here is my korean-looking baby......see how cold she feels???

A long blog-vacation

Whew!!! It's been a month or so when I last made my blog entry. It has been a very busy month for me. March 2009 when me my kid and my mom together with my other relatives had a vacation in Hongkong and went to Disneyland on a quite rainy day... April 2009 when my and my hubby together with MJ and Allan went to Bracay for the holidays... (holyweek to be exact) we spent so ggod times together. We bonded and we were so lucky to have a very nice sunny day during our stay in Boracay. It was a time for partying, swimming, strolling along the beach and the most that I liked most...The food-ful buffet.... Actually it was my hubby who really enjoyed the buffet... Aside from the Boracay thing.... I have been busy supervising my mom's house which is due to be finished and furnished by July. We are currently staying in a condo in Eastwood and for me the space is really not comfortable to us. having lived in our previous house which has a lot of space for all of us, and now living in a very small and not-so-spacious unit makes us not breathe and can't sleep good enough. Now May 2009, I am still working on the finishing touches for our "dream house." Quite in a hurry as I may say, because we are really trying our best to have it finished by july. It's good that the process is really doing good. Well, that's the main reason for me not having a new blog. I can say that this is my longest blog-vacation.... zzZZZZzzzzZZ